quinta-feira, 28 de setembro de 2017

Nancy Cole, from Canada to ARTErra

This artist will stay with us for 3 weeks.

"I am a conceptual visual textile artist with a background in traditional quilting. The past five years have been an experiment in figurative and portrait installation work. My work thrives on interaction. It has been a unique interdisciplinary process that bridges visual arts, textile arts, installation, performance, and new media. Using a free motion sewing technique and hand quilting, I blend the immediate nature of interaction and mark making with meditative, introspective text. My work is thematically diverse.
I often select unconventional materials for my work and my choice to use a limited range of materials enhances my thematic process. I have addressed universal issues through my practice such as foreign adoption (My First Cousin Once Removed), the birth of Canadian culture (Smile the While), climate change (Storm Surge), the search for the God particle (Big Bang), as well as more personal matters such as serendipity (Our Two Paths Crossed), friendship (Postcard from Portugal).
I have been awarded numerous grants. and have exhibited extensively in Canada and abroad. I have shown work in Australia, Scotland, Ireland, England, Portugal and Lithuania. I am committed to the development of my practice and constantly seek new ways to engage and respond through it.
During my residency, I hope to find the one or two in a million (or 10.34 million to be precise...population of Portugal) to develop into a series of large figurative and portrait pieces that reflect the human spirit, its emotional resonance and the way it manifests in our relationship.
The notion of the graphic impulse, with its raw, immediate, and unflinching emotional extremes characterizes my work. Layered, and further developed into a textile, each stratum reveals itself as a visceral and emotional voice. I attempt to draw the viewer inward to experience an encounter with the subject. 
I plan to wander, meander and explore, armed with  BIC pens and sketch book. In search of the ones that will burn impenetrably in my mind.  The ones that will allow me in, for a brief moment. This temporality is central to my process. "

*INFO - instagram- perrywinkle.cole

Catherine Jonhson is back!

Catherine is back in ARTErra to develop a new project with the kids from the village and also to have more time to focus and develop she´s paintings.

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quinta-feira, 14 de setembro de 2017

From Norway a painter and audio artist 3 week in ARTErra

Amund Håland. Painter and audio artist from Haugesund, Norway. 
"I have been exploring my nearest surroundings in the city of Haugesund in the west coast of Norway the last years, tried to catch the general feeling of the place, in the pale grey light and the forms. The project ended in an exhibition of twelve paintings with a sound installation for each one. 

At my stay in Arterra residency I will try to do some of the same. Capture my impressions of the surrounding area. Try to let the new surroundings inspire me to develop."


segunda-feira, 15 de maio de 2017

Nicole in residency, music project - 22nd to 29th May

Nicole Raymond (NikNak) will be joining us for a week-long residency as part of her studies at the

University of Leeds. She is currently studying an MA in Electronic and Computer Music, and will be

recording the gallery and local area to create an experimental turntablism performance as part of

her course. Once completed, the piece will be available to listen to at Arterra!

segunda-feira, 1 de maio de 2017

Anna Sowa, a composer from Poland in residency

This young artist from Poland is in Portugal for the first time.
She is in ARTErra residency , and sais the following about the stay:

"During the residency I would like to focus on composing a cycle of seven songsfor soprano, piano and percussion with lyrics from Julita Konieczna ;Prośba dofiliżank;. Music will reflect the meaning of the words in a smaller extent, as the lyrics by itself will be served as an individual musical colour quality. Performer unconventional approach to text interpretation of a dramatized manner will playa significant role and will inspire not only vocal part but also piano part,including contemporary techniques in composition. This artwork will come into being as a form of correlation between words and music, captured by unconventional approach to composition. This piece will be performed in November 2017 in Katowice ( Poland). Performers will be Wiktoria Zawistowska ( soprano), Ewa Markuszewska (piano), Rafał Tyliba ( percussion)." 


sexta-feira, 28 de abril de 2017

Passeios em Lobão- Alexandra Pozzo di Borgo is back!

Anne Weisenstein writing in ARTErra

Anne is staying at ARTErra for two weeks where she will be completing a comedy/romance feature length film screenplay. She is from California and lives in San Francisco, but she is moving to New York after her residency in Portugal. 


Porquê,o quê, para quê, a quem, como , onde. Why,What,for,whom,how,where?


Este espaço de criação e formação artística surge de uma necessidade de encontrar espaços físicos onde os artistas se possam encontrar e reflectir sobre os processos criativos, e desenvolvê-los de uma forma intensiva e focada.
O ARTErra é uma iniciativa privada.
Numa lógica de laboratório, o artista encontra no Arterra uma casa com uma serie de comodidades, um quintal de criação, onde existem espaços vários para a criação e desenvolvimento de um trabalho artístico, e a possibilidade de apresentação do projecto desenvolvido ao público.

This space for creativity and artistic training comes from a need for physical spaces where artists can meet and reflect on the creative processes, and develop them in an intensive and focused way.
The ARTERRA is a private initiative.
The artist finds in ARTERRA a house with a series of facilities,and a creation of a yard, where there are several spaces for the creation and development of an artistic work, and the possibility of introduction of the developed to the public.

2. O QUÊ? What?

Neste espaço procuraremos facultar aos artistas e aos projectos todas as condições para o desenvolvimento do processo criativo.
O Arterra tem condições físicas e técnicas para proporcionar a realização de diversos focos de trabalho artístico, desde concepção de exposições, criação teatral, atelier e workshops, formação...

In this space we will seek to provide artists and projects all the conditions for the development of the creative process.
The ARTERRA has physical and technical conditions to be realized by several outbreaks of artwork, from design exhibitions, theatrical creation, studio and workshops, training...

3. PARA QUÊ? What for?

Para que a criação em comunhão com a natureza seja uma realidade, para fomentar uma dinâmica de grupo estrita, para trabalhar em residência num ambiente rural.
Diversificar e descentralizar a oferta cultural.
Desenvolver acções e formações que contribuam para a qualificação dos profissionais do sector artístico.

For the creation in communion with nature is a reality, to foster a dynamic group strictly for work in residence in a rural environment.
Diversify and decentralize the cultural offer.
Develop training activities and contributing to the qualifications for the arts.

4. A QUEM? To whom?

Este espaço destina-se a profissionais das diferentes áreas artísticas, entidades ou criadores independentes, portugueses e estrangeiros.
Pode também excepcionalmente receber projectos de formação para público em geral e para crianças

This space is intended for professionals from different artistic areas, groups or independent creators, Portuguese and aliens.
You can also receive exceptional training projects for the general public and for children


Para a candidatura deverão constar os seguintes elementos:

- C.V. do artista

- Portfolio, vídeos, imagens…

- Descrição do projecto a desenvolver no ARTErra, onde constem os objectivos do projecto, necessidades e expectativas da residência e todos os pormenores necessários á compreensão da proposta.

- Datas e Duração da residência pretendidos (minimo 2 dias,máximo 6 meses)

- Detalhes (necessidade de refeições, especificidades do trabalho, nº de pessoas, informações suplementares relevantes ao processo de trabalho)

The application must contain the following elements:

- C.V. artist
- Portfolio, videos, photos ...
- Description of the project to be undertaken ARTERRA out, including the project's objectives, needs and expectations of residence and all the details necessary to understanding the proposal.
- Dates and Duration of residence
- Details (need for meals, work characteristics, number of persons, additional information relevant to the work process)

6. ONDE? Where?

Esta estrutura situa-se numa aldeia no concelho de Tondela, distrito de Viseu. (PORTUGAL)

R.Nossa Srª. do Crasto,Nº380
Lobão da Beira



Está a 2h30 de carro de Lisboa, 1h do Porto e Aveiro, 45m de Coimbra e 15m de Viseu.

Latitude: 40°31'15.86"NLongitude: 8° 1'57.64"W